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₹ 5 Crores Grant each, to 1 HCL Grant Winner NGO, in each category.
₹ 25 Lacs Grant each, to remaining 2 HCL Grant Finalist NGOs, in each category.




HCL Grant 2019-20 Application Process is closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

HCL Grant is one of the biggest initiatives taken by HCL Group to support the fifth estate, the NGOs in India, so as to improve capacities of people to access resources and improve lives. HCL Grant invites NGOs to come up with innovative solutions that are scalable and replicable, in the sectors of education, health and environment.

The focus of HCL Grant is on building sustainable communities by supporting NGOs and individuals who are doing path-breaking work towards high impact transformation in rural India. The HCL Grant complements the overall CSR approach of the company but is bigger in quantum and open for NGOs from all over the country to apply.

HCL Grant is looking for projects in each of the following:
a. Education
b. Environment
c. Health

The total committed fund for HCL Grant is ₹16.5 Crores. HCL Grant awards the winning NGOs in each of the categories of Education, Health and Environment ₹ 5 Crores for a 5 years’ project. The HCL Grant rewards the 2 other finalists in each category with ₹ 25 lakhs for a year-long project which will be mutually agreed with HCL Foundation after the final Jury meet.

HCL Grant will support projects that aim to support and strengthen existing government initiatives (if any) and bring about lasting impact, such that the change is sustainable, accessible and affordable to the common masses. HCL Grant will also support innovative, path-breaking but scalable initiatives that have potential for multi-sectoral partnerships and ability to transform the lives of underprivileged and isolated communities, ideas that can stand the test of the times and have award-winning potential through their unquestionable integrity, credibility and reach. These are obviously backed by evidence of research, needs assessment and proven impact on programme participants.

No, there is no entry or registration fee. HCL Grant is open to all eligible NGOs to apply. The application process is completely free for all eligible NGOs across the country and available in the public domain, online. Any such attempts where you are asked to pay in cash or kind should be reported to HCL Foundation.

HCL Foundation has appointed Knowledge Partners as an independent agency to support the process. The process is adequately structured and documented involving team of experts and experienced professionals at different stages. Refer to evaluation process for more details.

The Grant is applicable only for NGOs working in the field of education, healthcare and environment, having experience of implementing innovative and scalable projects in rural India.

The Grant is meant only for NGOs (as defined in the eligibility criteria). NGOs can enter into partnerships with individuals/startups/social entrepreneurs to implement the project but the responsibility and accountability of successful implementation of the project towards HCL lies with the NGO only. Sub-granting is not allowed.

NGO’s experience will be calculated on the basis of their registration as a trust, society or Section 8 company. Experience on theme and rural area will be based on their project profile and related documents.

Average expenditure of last 3 Financial Years (FYs) = (Total expenditure of FY15 – FY16) + (Total expenditure of FY16 – FY17) + (Total expenditure of FY17 – FY18) / 3

You can check the status of your organization with the agencies with whom your organization has worked with in the past. Normally, these agencies provide such information on their website. Any attempt to conceal such information will lead to disqualification.

Yes. If you are eligible as per the defined eligibility criteria, you can apply.

Yes. Any organization can apply as per eligibility criteria. Shortlisted NGOs/finalists can also apply. Winners may apply only in a different thematic category.

Applicants fulfilling defined eligibility criteria are required to fill the online application form which includes Organizational Profile form, Project Proposal form, the Budget and Gantt Chart (a complete application form will constitute all aforementioned items).

Step 1

  1. Register your organization by filling in the following details – your name, your organization’s name, a unique username, a valid email address, address including state and city, valid mobile number, relevant thematic areas in which your organization is working and a password on HCL Grant website. To register, click here.
  2. Log in, using the user name and password received on the registered e-mail id. To log in, click here.

Step 2

  1. Fill the Organizational Profile, review and submit. The Organizational Profile cannot be edited after submission.
  2. Fill the Project Proposal, review and save.
  3. Fill the Budget, refer to instructions on the top of the page under ‘Instructions for Budget’, review and save.
  4. Fill the Gantt Chart, refer to instructions on the top of the page under ‘Instructions for Gantt Chart’, review and save.
  5. Under the ‘Documents’ tab, download Declaration Form by clicking on ‘Format Attached’, fill it by hand and upload it.
  6. Upload other documents like registration certificate and audited financials of last 3 financial years.
  7. Review and submit the form.
  8. You will receive an e-mail acknowledging submission of your application on the registered e-mail ID.

As of now, our systems support applications filled in English language only

Once the application is submitted, no changes will be accommodated. In case of submission of multiple applications, first submission will be taken into consideration and subsequent submissions will get rejected.

This is strongly discouraged. NGOs are encouraged to put in only ONE application on an area they deem themselves best and for the project they consider they are eligible to win the HCL Grant. It is a prestigious award that is instituted based on a thorough selection process. We would expect the same to be understood by the applicant NGOs and support this by following the application process, adhering to high quality protocols, such that the intent and integrity of the process is respected.

Post winning, all changes will be made with mutual consent, only in the best interest of communities served / changed circumstances and consequently better impact if so determined.

You will receive an e-mail acknowledging submission of your application.

No. HCL will get back to shortlisted applicant NGOs only at various stages for additional information / site visits etc.

Yes. A list of documents is provided in the application form. Applicant organization will have to upload scanned copy of all the required documents before submitting application.